Piano Matters is an artisanal piano workshop dedicated to the restoration of

fine, vintage American pianos.  For over thirty years Jim Fullmer and staff have given new life to the great pianos from the 'Golden Age' of American piano building. Our clients include universities, professional musicians, piano teachers,

music schools, churches, performance venues, and families wanting to preserve

a treasured heirloom.

​Steinway, Mason & Hamlin, Charles Frederick Stein, Baldwin, Knabe, Chickering, Conover

    Other Services

*  Appraisals

*  Inspections

*  Piano Search

*  Consignment Sales

*  We buy Pianos

*  We Sell Pianos



Rebuilding & Repairs

*  Complete Restorations

*  Refinishing

*  Restringing

*  Soundboard Replacement

*  Action Rebuilding

*  Pinblock Replacement

*  New Bridgecaps

*  New Backactions

*  Lyre Rebuilding

*  Weight and Leverage Issues   


​Specialists in Vintage American Pianos

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A Piano Restoration Workshop

Piano Matters

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