You have done your research.  You have looked at lots of used pianos.  A decision has been made what brand and model will be the best piano for you.  However, you cannot locate a prime example in your area.

​We can find it for you. Through our decades long association with national retailers, rebuilders, and wholesalers we can locate the exact instrument you seek.  Fill out our CONTACT form to let us know.



An appraisal is an inspection plus a determination of the fair market value of the piano. What are the reasons to obtain an appraisal?

     1) You are selling a piano and want to realize fair market value for it.

     2) You need to list the FMV (fair market value) for your insurance in

         case of a claim.          

     3)  You are making a noncash charitable donation.  You will require 

           a qualified appraiser to fill out IRS form 8283.

     4)  You are considering buying a piano.  You need to establish the 

           fair market value so you don't overpay.

An accurate appraisal of a piano must be done by an appraiser intimately acquainted with the contemporary piano market.  Many individuals attempt to establish a value for a piano by themselves.  Looking on Craigslist or Ebay for selling prices of supposedly comparable instruments is misleading.  Most sellers have a ridiculously inflated notion of their piano's value.  Most of these pianos end up selling for significantly less, if at all. Convoluted equations based on original purchase price, age, and the price of a similar new piano employed by some piano tuners simply have no basis in reality. The market is the merciless judge of what pianos or any commodity sell for.  We know the market.

Jim Fullmer, the principal appraiser at Piano Matters, has bought and sold new and used pianos at retail and wholesale for over 30 years.  His appraisal of your piano will accurately reflect the true market value.

The appraisal includes a signed certificate showing the appraised value,

date of appraisal, brand, model, and serial number.


​​Other Services


PIANO MATTERS has a constant need for good used pianos.

​If you have a piano you would like to sell please fill out our 

contact form.  The following brands are of particular interest to us: Boston, Baldwin, Grotrian, Knabe, Kawai, Yamaha, Charles Frederick Stein, Mason & Hamlin, Steinway, and  Conover. We do not buy spinets or large old pre-Depression uprights (except Steinway large uprights).


A Piano Restoration Workshop


​If you have a piano you would like to sell but prefer not to deal with the public.  We can likely sell it for you. We charge a modest commission for this service.  CONTACT

Piano Matters

​of the piano's pin block, soundboard, bridges, action, lyre and trap work, and case.  A written report will be prepared for the client. An  opinion as to whether the piano should purchased may be offered.  PIANO MATTERS technicians will provide an unbiased 

assessment of the piano under consideration.

​INSPECTIONSType your paragraph here.


An inspection is an evaluation of the physical condition of a piano.  ​It is prudent for anyone considering the purchase of a used piano to engage a qualified piano technician to perform this task.  Too many

people buy a piano at an estate sale, on the internet or from a neighbor only to discover later that it requires expensive repairs.

​In an inspection the technician will determine the condition


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