Baldwin R built in  Cincinnati. Marvelous tone

1999  Yamaha C1 mint.

 Although the primary focus at Piano Matters is restoration, we always have a strong selection of  preowned grand and upright pianos for sale.  Some are instruments we have rebuilt in our shop. Others are simply excellent pianos that have come or way.​

​Jim Fullmer emphatically states "I will not sell a piano that I could not  be happy with in my home and play everyday for the rest of my life."

All are warranted,  carry a 100% trade-in guaranty,  and have been meticulously regulated and voiced.

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1912  Mason & Hamlin A

                    Undergoing restoration

​Steinway L 1936. Mahogany. 

1929  Steinway M.  Original. Call

for restoration options.

1922 Steinway M. Rebuilt.

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