A Piano Restoration Workshop

Piano Matters

You are welcome to visit the Piano Matters workshop by appointment to observe Steinway, Mason & Hamlin, and other fine pianos undergoing restoration.  Seeing the ​disassembled

components allows you to better understand what will occur 

​when your piano is rebuilt.  CONTACT

Materials & Parts

A successful restoration or repair begins with the selection of parts. We

insist on using only the highest quality parts and materials from the best suppliers in the piano industry. These include: actions parts from Renner, Abel, Tokiwa, Ronson, Steinway, and WNG; soundboard panels from Bolduc; pinblocks from WNG, Bolduc, and Marion; and tuning pins from Klinke and WNG.  Our quarter sawn bridgecap wood is from a stock of air dried, old growth Northern Michigan maple we purchased over twenty years ago.

In the planning phase of a restoration we will choose those parts that will result in the highest level of performance for the particular instrument.  In

​Steinway restorations we normally use all Steinway parts.

Rebuilding & Repair Procedures

The restoration of your piano begins with an inspection by Jim Fullmer. 

He will explain what is required to restore your piano to new condition. 

​This is followed by a discussion of your needs and expectations. Jim

will then present rebuilding options tailored to your specific requirements.

Most pre-war (WWII) vintage pianos that are all original will require a

​comprehensive restoration.  This includes a new pin block, soundboard repair, restringing, complete action rebuilding, lyre rebuilding, and refinishing.  In some instances a new sitka spruce soundboard, bridge caps, a new key set, and replacement of missing case parts may be needed.  We have the capability to do whatever is necessary to restore your piano to new condition.  Many older pianos have had some rebuilding

or refinishing work.  If this work was competently done and is in good shape it will not be necessary to redo it.  

All our work is guaranteed. We take pride in our craftsmanship and want you to be completely satisfied and eager to play your rebuilt piano every day.